Georgia Ports

Facilitating Global Trade Through Strategic East Coast Gateways

Georgia Ports

If your company is delivering what international markets demand, or importing what domestic markets demand, then proximity to major gateways is critical. But how do you locate near an international pipeline of trade and still avoid the costs involved with prime location?

Toombs County's location relative to multiple international ports provides an ideal site for companies seeking international markets - or international companies seeking domestic entry to the U.S. market. Our proximity to both the Brunswick and Savannah ports results in competitively low transportation cost for outbound products while enjoying the benefits of more affordable siting/building options and lower labor costs.


Port of Savannah

Specializing in the handling of container, reefer, breakbulk and RoRo cargoes. 

Port of Brunswick

Specializing in the handling of breakbulk, agri-bulk and RoRo cargoes.

Georgia's Inland Ports Include:

  • Port Bainbridge
  • Port Columbus